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Notice: “Quantity of shares allocated to shareholders and advance dividend of 2008”
(Updated: 23/12/2008)
Dear shareholders,

- Based on the XXI Resolution of the Bank’s General Meeting of Shareholders on March 21, 2008 chartered capital increase;
- Based on the approval by the State Bank of Vietnam, Hochiminh City Branch as in the official letter No.879/NHNN-HCM02 dated 30 May 2008 on the request of Vietnam Export Import Commercial Joint-Stock Bank to change its chartered capital in 2008;
- Based on the official letter No.2046/UBCK-QLPH dated 9 October 2008 by the State Securities Commission on the issuance of Eximbank’s bonus shares;
- Based on Board of Directors’ Resolution dated 22 September 2008 on advancing 2008’s dividend to shareholders;
- Based on the notice dated 11 November 2008 on “the Bank’s issuance plan to increase 2008 chartered capital from 2007’s premium and dividend advance for 2008”
- Based on the Resolution of the Bank’s Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders on 29 November 2008 on “rounding to zero the fractional of shares arising during share allocation from 2007’s premium”

The Board of Directors now executes the plan of chartered capital increase from 2007’s premium and dividend advance for shareholders. Eximbank is pleased to announce the number of shares to be allocated to shareholders and dividend advance as follows:

Number of shares as of 01 December 2008
- Allocated shares:
• Issuance ratio: 70.55%
• Number of allocated shares:
• Time for shareholder-book submission
to update new shares: From 12 December 2008
• Required documents:
- Shareholder-book
- ID card (for individual shareholders)
- Introduction letter of the company and ID card of the person introduced (for corporate shareholders)
• Location for submission and
receipt of shareholder book: is the locations where customers receive cash as listed below.

Dividend advance for 2008:
• Dividend advance ratio: 12%
• Dividend advance amount:
• Time for dividend advance payment: From 22 December 2008
• Payment method:
- For individual shareholders: To facilitate dividend payment, Eximbank will open accounts for all shareholders at Eximbank to transfer the cash dividend. In case shareholders do not have enough information to open accounts, e.g. ID card number etc., Eximbank will pay in cash at the locations listed below.

- For corporate shareholders: Eximbank will pay in cash to shareholders’ accounts at Eximbank. In case shareholders do have accounts at Eximbank, they are advised to provide their account number in other banks so that Eximbank can transfer the dividend at the request of shareholders.

+ For shareholders having accounts at Eximbank: dividend will be transferred to shareholders’ accounts
+ For shareholders not having accounts at Eximbank, please come to following venues:

- In Hochiminh city and neighbor provinces: Eximbank Shareholders Management Division, Viet Dragon Securities Corporation (VDSC)
Address: 5th Floor, Estar Building, 147-149 Vo Van Tan Street, District 3, Hochiminh City
Telephone: (08) 62992006
- In Hanoi and Northern provinces: Viet Dragon Securities Corporation (VDSC), Hanoi Branch
Address: 74 Ba Trieu Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi
Telephone: (04) 62882006
- In Danang and Middle provinces: Eximbank, Da Nang Branch
Address: 48 Tran Phu Street, Da Nang
Telephone: (0511) 3830889
- In Nha Trang and neighbor provinces: Eximbank, Nha Trang Branch
Address: 63 Yersin, Nha Trang City
Telephone: (058) 3819607
- In Can Tho and neighbor provinces: Eximbank, Can Tho Branch
Address: 2 Dien Bien Phu Street, Can Tho City
Telephone: (071) 3821915

Yours Sincerely,
(Signed and sealed)


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